Welcome to my website. My name is Dawn Elle. I am an intuitive healer and coach. In my work, I am lucky enough to be able to see and hear where my clients are stuck in their lives and what information they need to move forward. My expertise is healing and transformation. You will shift, evolve, and be your best self through this work.

Each and every one of us has a light within us. It’s the space within where our heart meets our soul. When born, our light is fearless, bright, and pure. The source of it is divine, beautiful, and never-ceasing. How do we lose sight of this power that was our birth-right? Our life experiences serve to either brighten or sometimes diminish our light. If our light is dimmed, we may harbor fear. Fear can stop us right in our tracks. But, it doesn’t have to.

When we face our fears, nothing can block the light that will emanate from our hearts. This is our destiny, to live in this light that we were born with.

If you feel disconnected from your true purpose and light, Intuitive Healing will help.

Intuitive Healing can address areas you feel stuck in like:

– Relationships/Love
– Career
– Life Purpose/Spirituality
– Health
– Creative Life Force
– Parenting

Come back to your place of power. Open up to all the possibilities of what life can be. Joy, hope, happiness, and feeling alive occur when our energy is flowing and free. What are you waiting for?

Live in your light. Book an Intuitive Healing session today or join me on a 3 month journey with an Intuitive Healing Intensive.



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