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June 30, 2016

Hi all!  I will be speaking at the Super Conference later this summer in September 2016.  The conference is for chiropractors and healing professionals.  I love the theme of the conference which is all centered around healing. One of my favorite subjects of course!  So, if you’re interested in listening to my podcast…please click on this link below.  If you’re interested in hiring me to speak, please send an email as I would love the opportunity to teach how to access intuition and consciousness in the workplace or your business.


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Angel Speak

May 12, 2015

angelwhisperWe all have those moments in our life that shape who we are.  It was like any other typical day, I was 16 years old and driving home from school with my best friend and sister.  We were listening to Steve Miller Band and having fun singing along to the music.  Everyone was glad to just be done with our school day and cruise around to our next destination.  I didn’t have many cares in the world at that time except keeping up with my school work and worrying about boys! Lol.

As we stopped at a light to turn left onto one of the biggest intersections in Sacramento, Greenback Lane, I heard a voice speak to me.  It wasn’t my voice, but a commanding and loud voice with a gentle tone.  The voice clearly said to me, “Put on your seatbelts.”  At this point in time, it wasn’t a requirement or law to wear your seatbelts.  So, curtly, I turned to my friend Nicole who was driving and my sister in the backseat and told them to put on their seatbelts.  We were still buckling and singing at the top of our lungs when we turned left onto the intersection and were t-boned by a semi-truck.  I remember the breath being knocked out of me and having a palpable fear wash over me.  In an instant, I knew that something otherworldly had just occurred.  The entire intersection was shut down and we had police taking an accident report.  The police officer questioned us and then reported that we were so lucky we had our seatbelts on because the impact of the hit could’ve caused major injuries or a fatality.

Holy shit!  What had just happened?  My best friend was shaking and asked me how I knew to put our seatbelts on right before we got hit.  It was the voice that told me.  I knew without a doubt that an angel had protected us.  It wasn’t our time and I had trusted that voice enough to say something.  Those angelic guides have been with me ever since, helping me navigate my life in a myriad of ways.  I have developed a trust and rapport with my angels and feel supported by them.  Hopefully, on some level, we all have been touched by angels.

How do we get more in touch or even begin a relationship with these divine beings?  I will provide a few tips that have helped me through the years cultivate a relationship with them.

  1. Trust/Faith. How are we ever supposed to have a connection with them if we don’t believe they are there? It helps to ask them for a sign. In the beginning, I would ask them to help me with something simple like finding a parking space. Once, you start seeing the signs they are there, it gets easier to connect more. Create an angel journal where you log your communication with them so you can see the powerful effect they are having in your life.
  2. Create a relationship with your angels. The best friendships are based on a dialogue, not a monologue. If you’re only asking them for things, that’s not really showing gratitude or respect. When they show you signs or help you with aspects of your life, thank them. Appreciate their presence in your life. By affirming your appreciation, you strengthen that relationship. Talk to them like a friend and they will be more evident in your life. They want to help us, so ask them and say thanks when they come through. Also remember, their timing is different than ours, so if you don’t get your need met right away, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t hearing you. They are just working on a different time line or may be orchestrating something even better than you could’ve even imagined.
  3. Be playful and have fun. Life is too short, and we all need to enjoy the little things. The angels want to protect us and help us enjoy our lives. They are high vibrational beings that are here to assist us with this life. So, it’s easier to tap into them through us being in a state of joy, childlike wonder, or during meditation. They will be much easier to hear when we our clear. That’s why little children see them so clearly. My daughter is only two, but she looks up at something in the air and a huge smile will cross her face and she says, “Hi!” Even though I work with angels all the time in my sessions and life, it did blow my mind that my daughter was already connecting to them, but she has no blocks or restrictions to believing that they exist.

If you have any questions or feedback, I would love to hear more about how angels have touched your life.

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Inspired TV Interview

January 6, 2015

Hi there, I recently got the pleasure of doing an interview for Inspired TV with Karie Millspaugh.  We discussed what a typical session looks like, the results you will see as a client, and some interesting stories about some of my crazier experiences.  Life if never dull when doing this work, and I’ve been blessed to see a lot of miracles.  I would love for you to check out this 45 minute interview.

Watch Below:

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A New Path

August 13, 2014

woods_pathI recently felt a sense of overwhelm and being lost.  It’s as if I was walking down a trail in a forest and looked down for a minute, and when I looked back up, I realized I had veered off  the path and gotten lost. Wandering into a beautiful part of the forest I would have never seen otherwise, I wanted to enjoy the new view, but fear gripped me. I didn’t recognize anything and felt uncertain. How did this happen?  Instead of wanting to move forward, I felt paralyzed. Which way do I go? My intuition that acts like a compass was shutting down.  The old worn path I had been traveling down had disappeared and I was forced to find a new way. A new path.

Have you felt like this lately? Where you look up and everything in some way seems a little different? You may still be doing the same things you used to, but the energy has shifted.  The landscape or your surroundings has a new light on it. Well, things have changed and in turn, so have we. Life is no longer the same as it was 6 months or a year ago. Some of this change was forced, and some welcomed. But, either way, change can be scary and debilitating if it happens all at once.   Life can seem too much too handle and that can lead to self-doubt or uncertainty.

I know for me, it happened quickly. I looked up and even though my life is what I’ve dreamed it to be a couple years ago, I had a tough time accepting and receiving it. I hadn’t acclimated to the new energy. If this resonates for you, the first key is to realize is that things have changed and to ease into these new feelings and surroundings. Ideally, it may be time to hit the reset button so you can adjust to all the changes that have occurred.  Hitting the reset button can restore are set point back to neutral and help us connect back to who we are.  By doing this, we can once again feel connected and positive about our present moment.  Resetting will ultimately help you stay in optimal health while preserving your life force energy.  You don’t want to stay in a state of overwhelm or fear because that can show up later as dis-ease or sickness.

Easy ways to reset our energy: get out in nature, listen to music, meet with a friend, be around animals, temporarily remove yourself from an environment that is disruptive, focus on your breath, exercise, and meditate.

If you’ve recently been down or felt like you were in a funk, reset your energy and know that you have the strength to ground yourself and move forward. Cherish the fact that you may not always know exactly where you are heading, but that you are supported by the light of the divine. You are not alone.  You are stronger from your journey and are ready to forge ahead on this new path.

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Distract Me

July 22, 2014

Music has always moved me, either literally by dancing or being captured by the words and the meaning of a song.  Recently, I heard a song by Sia called “Chandelier” that made me want to listen to it over and over again.  Not only did it have a great beat, but what Sia was singing about reminded me of when I was younger and how I dealt with my feelings and emotions.  To Watch the Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DS-h67qEiY CLUB

In my past, I had a very different way of coping with my feelings.  It went like this-have something uncomfortable or upsetting happen, find a friend that was free to go out, go out with them, have cocktails, forget about whatever was bothering me, check out, and feel like crap the next morning.  Rinse, wash, repeat.  My whole goal was to distract myself from what I was really feeling inside.  We all have our distractions and they can be easily disguised.  My distraction looked like someone who was really social, and enjoyed a night out with friends and a few cocktails.  I’m not saying that it’s bad to go out and have fun, but the reason I went out a lot in my past was so I didn’t have to stay home and “feel” whatever was going on.  I would’ve much rather ignored it.

Eventually, that all caught up to me.  My coping mechanism started to fail me.  I found myself feeling worse on my nights out.  I would wake up the next morning with a lot of shame because I knew deep down I was denying myself the opportunity to grow and expand.  I also didn’t feel well physically due to the alcohol.  There came a time when I realized that if I was going to go out socially, that it had to be when I was grounded.  I didn’t want to distract myself anymore.  I wanted to see my “truth”.

Boy oh boy, it’s not always fun to deal with our feelings.  Sometimes, it’s downright difficult.  But, the magic happens when we are aware of how we’re feeling.  There’s a great Rumi poem called “The Guest House” that talks about greeting each feeling that shows up at our door.  Let it come in and be your teacher.  Our feelings teach us about where we are at in our growth, how to show up more in life, and to be present.  So, to stuff them down or pretend they are not there, makes us stuck.

To check in with your feelings, start by stopping the distraction that’s become a habit-could be working out too much, drugs, alcohol, workaholic, TV, internet, etc.  Find time to pay attention to how you are feeling that day through meditation, journaling, yoga, or by spending some quality time alone.  The gift of awareness comes through loving yourself.  Our feelings are messages from our soul.  Our wise and infinite soul wants to help shed light where there is darkness within.  Through grace, we can sit in the darkness and let the light transmute it into something that we can accept or learn from.   Life is not about just getting by or finding ways to deal, it’s about thriving and connection.  Our feelings are the gateway to a life well lived.

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