The moon phases offer a powerful time to work with energy as it aligns with simple metaphysical and practical principles of magic and manifesting.

Specifically, the New Moon phase is a wonderful time to set intentions for invoking more clarity and spirituality in situations and for allowing new opportunities to unfold. Think of it as a time to plant seeds of intent and watering them to watch them grow and begin to show signs of life at the full moon, but fully flowering 6 months later. The dark of the moon brings in a time of inquiry and introspection. It’s an ideal time for a sacred pause to get grounded and reflect optimism and gratitude.

“What to Expect Each Month”

A live virtual call at the new moon which delves into the astrology and life lessons associated with the sign that month. This call will give you tools to navigate the current cosmic energy and steps to call in magic of the moon’s medicine. Each call will also include humor, self-reflection, stories, energy alchemy, channeled guidance, meditation, healing, and lots of love.
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60 minute zoom video call

grounding breath work


guided meditation

channeled guidance

frequency upgrade

NOTE: Replay is available for each call.

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