Soul Academy by Dawn Elle
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Whether you’re barely aware of your intuition or you’re using it daily, this academy is about teaching you how to live an intuitive based lifestyle where you are divinely connected.  Your intuition will be the guiding force in your everyday life allowing you to open up to your greatest inherent gifts.  By initiating you into a deeper level of knowing, you will be able to take ownership of your destiny. This Academy will involve 8 live video Master Class Courses with Q&A, one 1:1 intuitive coaching session with me, an interactive Facebook group, and finishing with a two day live retreat in San Diego.


  • Want to learn how to work with your energy and intuition to be your own inner guru
  • Are ready to move from stuck in an aspect of your life to feeling wildly inspired, aligned, and clear about your soul’s purpose and plan for this life
  • Are ready to be empowered by using your unique soul vibe to tune into your gifts and play bigger
  • Want to be in a community of fellow intuitive boss babes who will be your confidants, supporters, and friends for life
  • Activate your prosperity consciousness so you can live abundantly on all levels with success in your relationships, business, health, and money.
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Do you wonder what your purpose is?


How to be and stay in amazing relationships?


Do you struggle with discerning between the voice in your head and your intuition?


Do you feel like you have areas of your life you’re ready to transform and make better but don’t know the tools to do so?


Have some of your relationships lacked passion and intimacy and you’re ready for deeper connections?


Are you having a difficult time releasing the past and its hold on you with stories of pain or trauma?

Do you wonder where all of the like-minded people like yourself are? 


Are you confused about how to work with the law of attraction or manifesting so you can finally have what you desire?


Are you ready to finally stop distracting yourself so you live a healthier lifestyle with tried and true practices to create a grounded and safe feeling no matter what’s going on in your life?


Do you find that your sensitivity, feelings, and energy overwhelm you?


Are you ready to be able to receive clear guidance at any time of the day from the highest and best source for you?


Are you ready to go from a mind shift set of surviving
and getting by to thriving and loving your life?

Okay, you’re not alone. I’ve been where you are and I know the feelings that accompany not feeling like you have your answers so you can get on with it and live the life of your dreams.  Although I’m a spiritual teacher, healer, and soul guide, I didn’t start out on this path right out of the gate.  I arrived here through a series of what I now look back on as divine grace and synchronicities…

I remember turning 30 and feeling like on paper I had my shit together. I had a lucrative career in pharmaceutical sales, was married, owned multiple real estate properties, and was traveling the world in my spare time. Yet, I felt lost, confused, and numb inside. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Even worse, I was suffering from debilitating migraines, horrible stomach issues, and eventually got shingles. (Shingles is typical in older age, not someone as young as myself) What the heck was going on with me?

Needless to say, the pain in my body was my wake-up call. Things needed to change, but I needed to figure out what was causing me to feel so disconnected and out of alignment with my life. Here’s where grace arrived in my life….I decided to finally sign up for a meditation and intuition class that I'd been considering taking for a while. Wow, I didn’t see what was coming from there. You see, I’d been stuffing down my feelings most of my life without realizing it, and meditation was the vehicle to unearth them and bring in awareness. After a few months of introspection, I knew I needed to make some shifts and changes in my life. When I could see clearly, my unhappiness was undeniable and my physical pain a constant reminder that change was imminent. 

Fast forward, I wound up getting divorced because I wasn’t with my life partner, quitting pharmaceutical sales because it was stressing me out beyond belief and had lost my purpose with it, and finally got my health back on track. 

I started out on a path to heal by dealing with all my suppressed feelings from over the years. Meditation aided me in tapping into my intuition which really opened up so many possibilities in my life. Now, I know I took big leaps, but usually baby steps are a little easier when you’re trying to make shifts in your life. I was able to do so due to feeling connected with my feelings and intuition.

When I started to trust in that, I learned how to manifest a life I could only dream of years ago. I created the family I wanted and love being a mom of two amazing daughters with my husband. While going through my journey of healing through taking many courses and delving into personal development, I learned how to activate my intuition to deeper levels. I realized I had a gift to channel and do healing work on others.

By tuning in and owning my gifts, I aligned with my soul’s purpose and have never felt so alive. I took the leap and am now an entrepreneur doing what I love and creating a life by design making 6 figures.

I want to teach you how to create whatever you desire and have a thriving life by using your intuition as your guide. If I hadn’t listened to mine, I would still be stuck. Life is not meant to be a struggle or sacrifice.

The more you understand yourself at a soul level, the easier it will be to make decisions and attract your dreams. This program contains everything necessary to live an intuitively inspired and thriving live. I have literally taken my journey and everything I’ve learned along the way and created this program from my heart and soul. There is no quick fix, but there are specific tools, energy work, and mind set shifts that will create the life you desire if you’re committed.

Imagine if you could

Trust and follow your intuitive guidance


Master your energy vibe


Let go of past stories that are keeping you stuck and angry


Understand how to heal your chakras


Know your unique gifts and purpose

Start working with your divine support team-guides and angels


Magnetize what you desire to you


Take unapologetic and inspired action with your dreams 


Ignite your wealth consciousness


Change your vibe so you attract in and keep the love you cherish

How it Works


  • 8 "Live" Master Classes/Modules which will be done online and recorded to watch at your convenience. Each Class will be rich and content heavy ending with a live Q & A. Classes will be approximately 90 minutes in length and done weekly at the same consecutive time.
  • One 1:1 (90-minute) Intuitive Coaching Session with Dawn Elle
  • (1) 2 day live retreat weekend in San Diego at the end of the 8 weeks. Location and specific dates to be announced. (Flight and hotel accommodations not included)
  • Private Facebook group where connections, videos, and group discussion will be


  • Access to a New Moon Virtual Goddess collective-Virtual Zoom calls each month for a duration of a year
  • A customized soul inspired gift bag if program is paid in full upfront
What is Covered in Soul Academy


Foundation to Intuitive Living, Soul work, and Energy work.



Creating the life that you desire through the root chakra.

Wealth consciousness and Manifesting simplified



Feeling and Healing.

Opening up to the power of the sacral chakra and your healing abilities by decoding the messages of your body.



Activating your purpose, power, and gifts through your solar plexus



Transmuting energy through the heart chakra.

Learn how to utilize the power of the Divine Feminine and work with acceptance and forgiveness to facilitate shadow work.



Express your unique voice and vibe through the throat chakra

Walking your authentic path by letting go of limiting beliefs, stories, and programming.



Turn on your intuitive gifts through the 6th chakra

Clarity and your soul’s mission.



Open into oneness through developing a relationship to Source and your Divine Support team.

Learning how to create relationships with your guides.



Bonus surprise class



2 Day Live Retreat

April 14th & 15th in San Diego, CA
(Air and lodging not included)


Schedule a call or email me so I can send you the application.  Hit the pop up contact button below.  Enrollment is through application only. This group is hand selected so it can be high vibe and connected from the start.  

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