individual coaching
Intuitive Healing Session

During this session, I will be concentrating on the chakras and your energy field. I will channel the Divine and your higher self (soul) to provide intuitive information, guidance, and clarity.

In the beginning of the session, I will identify any soul themes or lessons that are currently occurring so you know how to best navigate and work with your own energy. As well, while providing insight, I will remove any stuck or blocked energy to help facilitate peacefulness, ease, and grace with your life’s journey.

My ultimate goal with this session is to empower you to get in touch with your intuition and move forward with your “information.” Occasionally, I am able to connect with your guides and deceased loved ones. Past lives may be addressed if necessary.

At the end of the session, next steps and an overall healing replacing the energy that was moved will take place. This session is beneficial for anyone needing information regarding their relationship, career, health, spirituality, parenting, and life purpose. For more support, please explore my Intuitive Coaching. These sessions can be done in person in San Diego, CA, by phone, or online.

60 minute: $250.00

90 minute: $350

30 Minute Intuitive Healing Session

The 30 minute session will focus on a brief look at the overall aura/energetic body while providing the remaining time for the client to ask questions or receive a healing. This session is beneficial for someone who has a specific question, needs an energetic tune-up, or a chakra clearing. Phone session only. These sessions are for subsequent sessions after doing an hour Intuitive Healing Session.



Intuitive Coaching 1:1

This process is designed for those who are ready for big exciting transformation, may be going through a challenging time, are at a crossroads that needs to be explored, would like to heal and be liberated from a self-limiting behavior or pattern that keeps showing up, or know they need help creating the life they’ve always dreamed of.

For these bigger life issues, a single session just won’t cut it. Deep transformational work takes time and is a process. With this work, there are desires and end result in mind. The container created for this process allows for your energy to unfold and for measured change to occur. I customize this process accordingly to what your needs are. A combination of channeling, healing, and coaching are all applied to get amazing results.

Have you noticed that you keep waiting for life to show up differently? There may be a place inside of you that knows you want things to change, but you don’t know how to do it. You’ve tried before with earnest effort, but keep feeling like you are stuck in the same cycles or patterns. If you could just show up as the person that you know you could be and let go of all the self-limiting thoughts or behaviors, would you be ready?

Do you need the push or the tools to do so? What would your life look like if you trusted you were brilliant and divinely connected? What if your relationships, business, health, wealth consciousness and well-being reflected this back to you?

Undoubtedly, you should be connected to your Soul. It is your birthright. Why or how do we get disconnected? Many reasons, but the way to irrevocably shift your life is to get back to your true soul essence. It’s who you were before you were programmed by your family, teachers, and culture. I have a Soul Remembrance process that I use with every client to help them remember their divine light in a safe and sacred way.

As your compassionate but kick ass soul guide, I will assist you in rediscovering and tapping into your brilliance and purpose. As well, you will learn skills to enhance your intuition, healing abilities, and divine manifesting power. I will aid you to develop, integrate and synthesize a plan to radically shift the energy in your life. The time spent in Intuitive Coaching will change the way you see and interact with your world, those around you, and yourself. Give yourself the gift of living a thriving life full of possibilities.

Each package is customized according your needs and will be assessed during a complimentary call. The duration of time we spend together will depend on how quickly you’re ready to see shifts and commit to a time frame that works best. Packages include VIP days, an Intensive Deep Dive Month, or anywhere between 3-12 months.

A sample monthly schedule is included below:


  • (3) 60 minute intuitive coaching sessions per month
  • (1) energy tune-up sessions (15 minutes) per month
  • (1) S.O.S. monthly voucher for clearing a block or a burning question via email per month
  • email/text access (within reason) throughout to review any homework or processes we are working on

To learn more, please email me or set up a complimentary consult

VIP day: Intuitive Deep Dive

Are you at your wits end? Or feeling like something needs to change yesterday? Maybe you need a day to return to your inner voice and true soul essence in a beautiful setting?

Whether you’re on your knees begging for a change or simply ready to have a day that could potentially change the whole direction of your life, this day is completely customized for you.

Your journey begins in a beautiful location where a sacred container is set up to hold the energy of rapid transformation. You’re committed, ready to be seen, and step into your greatness and gifts. I will be using intuitive guidance and coaching and energy healing throughout the day to obtain our desired results.

The VIP day includes:

  • 30 minute clarity call the week prior to solidify intent and desired results
  • A customized beautiful location either in San Diego or your desired city
  • Meet at 10 am the day of and wrap things up around 5. Organic lunch and snacks will be served.  
  • Complimentary services like massage, yoga, or facials offered
  • 30 minute follow-up call within 2 weeks of VIP day.
  • ½ day or full day available
  • 1/2 day only available in San Diego

To learn more, please email me or set up a complimentary consult

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Final Group Coaching
Soul Academy for Intuitive Boss Babes

Teaching busy women how to access their own inner guru and return to their true soul essence while living life on purpose.

Whether you’re barely aware of your intuition or you’re using it daily, this academy is about teaching you how to live an intuitive based lifestyle where you are divinely connected. Your intuition will be the guiding force in your everyday life allowing you to open up to your greatest inherent gifts. By initiating you into a deeper level of knowing, you will be able to take ownership of your destiny. This 6 month Academy will involve live recorded video courses, group calls, and (4) 1:1 intuitive coaching sessions with me.

Academy begins July 2017. Next Academy begins January 2018. To be on the wait list, hit the contact button below and email us

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Soul Luxe Retreat: The Remembrance


"Remember who you truly are by letting go of your story
and take the steps to access your amazing life"

October 2017 | Ojai, CA

Details to be announced soon


Dawn Elle Intuitive Healing/Coaching is not to be construed as a substitute for licensed medical care or treatment.

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